Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Find your Little Piece of Heaven - Simple Health Idea #4

Lives are hectic.  They are filled with work, running kids/elderly parents to activities and appointments, fitting in exercise, errands, groceries, and planning/preparing healthy meals.  Just when you think that the schedule has no budge room, you add on volunteer hours and that big project that your son/daughter, or you need to get done by a certain deadline.

Frazzled doesn't even begin to explain the way most of us feel by the end of the week.

Stress accumulates and accumulates, and silently picks away at our reserves until we are at a breaking point.  Tempers flare, emotions run wild, only to cause more stress, and so the cycle continues.

We need to find something, a little piece of heaven, that we can retreat to when we feel the tension rising.  This is such an individual thing, but try out a few different things, and once you find your heaven, make it a priority in your week, or your month.  Make it an appointment that is non negotiable.

It might be a bubble bath with the door shut, soft music playing, and a good book.  It might be going for a run with your dog, or a buddy, or all by yourself to your favourite viewpoint.  A Thursday night yoga class, a massage once every week or two (my personal favorite - ha ha), coffee in bed on Sunday morning, going for dinner with your significant other (or a friend if your significant other is the cause of your stress ;)

No matter what resonates with you, and brings you that moment of pure bliss, make it a habit and take the time to stop, let everything else go, and savour the moment.  Take a deep breath, and then hop back on the crazy train!

One of my favourite running viewpoints.

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