Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leg Mobilizations

This exercise is great for those of you lucky enough to be
flying somewhere warm this spring, and anyone else stuck at
their desk for hours on end!  Sitting for long periods,
whether in a cramped plane seat or in the office compresses
the vessels in the backs of your legs, tightens the muscles
in the front of your hips, and doesn’t allow for much venous
return from your lower legs (as you need movement and muscle
pumping for that).

At regular intervals, pump your feet up and down (point and
flex), and rotate your ankles in both directions.  Contract
your quadriceps, either by extending at your knees, or
standing up and tightening the quads (front of your legs). 
Stand up and march in place, and raise up onto your toes
(calf raise).  Do these exercises a few times each, and
enjoy your flight!

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