Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forearm Stretch

Many of you work at computers all day long, only to go home and work on them all night too.  Excessive keyboarding can cause discomfort in the hands and forearms.  Many of the muscles that control finger movements are located in your forearms, so stretching out the forearms is a great thing to do during your busy work day.

Start by extending your right arm out in front of you with palm facing down.  Using your other hand, hold your right hand just below the wrist and gently pull it down so that your hand is pointing down toward the floor.  You should feel a gentle stretch only.  Hold for 20 seconds (or longer if you like)

Next turn your outstretched arm with palm facing up, and this time, using your other hand, hold across your right fingers, pulling them down so they point to the floor.  Again, keep the stretch gentle and comfortable, holding for 20 seconds.

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