Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Health Prevention and Maintenance

Our society is so “cure-fixated”, that we seem to forget
that we can actually prevent things from happening in the
first place.

It is well known that many of today’s diseases are at least
partially lifestyle related.  Many forms of cancer, Type 2
diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, and obesity,
just to name a few, are more prevalent in developed Western

Our reliance on the drug industry allows for abuse.  It
doesn’t matter what we eat, drink or do anymore, because if
we get sick, there is a drug for that.

But our health care system is going to reach a breaking
point soon (or has it already?)  And will there be a “cure”
for that?

I have many clients who come in for massage therapy on a
regular basis, not because they are in pain, but because
they want to avoid it.  So many times we will find tense
tender muscles, and release the tissues before they get to
the point that they become an issue.

The other approach is to wait until you are feeling pain,
and then come for treatments.  Although this works too, it
often takes many more treatments to get things back to

This process works the same in other health situations. 
Lets use type 2 diabetes for example.  If you eat a low
glycemic diet with emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits,
nuts and seeds, have regular meals and exercise regularly,
you should be able to avoid ever having to worry about

If, on the contrary, you eat the way most do in this part of
the world, you are a diabetic ticking time bomb.  Once the
disease has taken hold, it is much harder to maintain or
improve through diet and exercise alone.

Think about all the things in your daily life needing
regular maintenance to prevent deterioration.  Garden beds,
vehicles, relationships, homes, appliances, teeth, muscles,
bodies, the list is endless.  Just imagine what would happen
if you stopped maintaining these things.  They might
continue to function for a while, but all will fail sooner
or later, and take much more energy to get back to its
original state, if it is even possible!

In this time of excess, please take a step back and ask if
what you are about to do or ingest might help preserve your
health, or contribute to its slow destruction.

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