Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vegetarian Low Carb Sushi Recipe

California rolls are filled with white rice, fake crab, and sometimes mayo, along with some veggies (like the smallest piece of avocado on the planet, and a tiny sliver of cucumber). Not a great choice for someone trying to eat healthy. I want to share with you an alternative that is much more nutritious, but just as yummy.

Dee’s Veggie Sushi

Nori sheets – 4, can be purchased at most grocery stores.
Cabbage – about 1/2 small head, shredded finely – replaces the rice
Carrot – 3, shredded
Lettuce – 3 leaves, chopped into strips
Asparagus Spears – 4 (one for each roll)
Avocado – 1
Sprouts – any kind

Put a bit of each veggie across one end of a nori sheet, add a dash of curry powder and turmeric, and roll it up. Wet the end to seal, and let sit a few minutes before cutting into bite sized pieces.

You can purchase a bamboo mat to help with the rolling, and they are great. You can find them right beside the nori sheets at most grocery stores.

I will sometimes put a drop or two of soy sauce on each one (rather than dipping them into sauce), but they taste pretty good as is too!

This makes 4 rolls, which cut into about 5 or 6 pieces each. I would eat this all myself for lunch. It looks like a lot of food, but other than the avocado, it isn’t much in the way of calories. You can split this between a few people, and have it with some lean protein, or double the batch and make it a stand-alone meal!

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